FALL 2020

When we ended last year’s holiday pop-up season, we could never have imagined just how much the world would change. Every member of The Cashmere Sale family has spent the last several months helping our loved ones, caring for our families, and scouring the news while we hope the world changes.

We’ve thought long and hard about what The Cashmere Sale should look like in 2020. What’s the safest for our employees and customers? What’s appropriate? What can we do to help make this experience comfortable for everyone involved? Is this the right time for another cashmere pop-up event?

Answering these questions has meant having tons of conversations. Conversations with our managers, our front-line employees, and our customers. It turns out that people still want their cashmere (and we can’t blame them for wanting to look quarantine chic on their Zoom meetings). But we’ve always seen The Cashmere Sale as more than just a store: we’re strong and passionate women, we’re friends, we’re a community, and we look out for each other.

This is all to say that we will be back, but in a different capacity than you’re used to. We’ll likely have less stores, although we can’t exactly say where and when just yet. Rest assured, we’ll let you know when our locations do pop up (keep checking our website and social media for updates). The locations that open will adhere to strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols to keep our employees and customers safe (and we already found cute pink masks). We’ll also be offering the ability to shop by appointment (although you can still pop in). Our ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable, safe, and fun shopping experience.

If visiting a physical location isn’t a viable option, you’ll always have access to our website and help from our veteran managers. They’ll be available to guide you through the merchandise, assist with orders and just to chat like they always have. We want to make sure that you still have that premium Cashmere Sale experience, even virtually. Our managers may be reaching out to you to see what you need or just to say hi.

One thing is for sure: we will continue to offer great styles and the very best prices. You will find your favorites and so many new exciting styles. We can’t wait for you to see just what’s in store… whether that means having you pop into our IRL pop-up shops or seeing you online. Just keep in touch with us here and we’ll let you know exactly when that will be!