Ways to Style Your Cashmere Scarf

Ways to Style Your Cashmere Scarf

Simple Ways to Style Your Cashmere Scarf

If you’ve ever finished getting ready in the morning or evening, looked at yourself in the mirror and felt like you needed a little ‘extra something’ to enhance your look, it’s time to head over your scarf collection. A beautiful scarf is an underrated wardrobe accessory, and often a mere afterthought. If you think about it, a scarf is the last thing you throw on before you walk out the door, and it’s usually just for warmth. Incorporating a cashmere scarf means you can dress up the most casual of outfits and with various ways to wear your scarf, you can showcase and express your own independent style. Here are a few ways you can style your cashmere scarf.

The Simple Knot

If you’re wearing your scarf for warmth over or under your jacket, you may want to consider a simple knot. Start off by folding the whole scarf half, making a loop and leaving the ends loose. Next, push the two ends through the loop, and gently pull it into a knot. A longer cashmere scarf is best for this knot to create some symmetry. 

The Loose Patterned Cashmere Scarf

This isn’t a style necessarily, but more a way to punctuate your certain outfit. For those who dress formally for work, a patterned scarf made with 100% cashmere is elegant, smart and sophisticated. Both a simple knot or draped loosely around the neck are two easy ways to accessorize with cashmere.

The Belted Scarf

Have an oversized 100% or blended cashmere scarf? This is a great look for the office, afternoon meetings or after work cocktails. Throw your oversized scarf around your neck and let it hang with the ends at equal length at your waist. Fasten your favourite belt around the smallest part of your waste and cinch it in. A ‘skinny’ belt works best, and to up the ante, use a coloured belt to contrast the muted colour of your scarf.

Reverse Draped Scarf

This is a beautiful way to wear a cashmere scarf and takes mere seconds to throw together. Toss your scarf around your neck, make sure the ends are hanging evenly, then throw both ends over your shoulder to create a draped look for the indoors. This looks chic with a tailored blouse or fitted long sleeve.

Faux Infinity Scarf

Infinity scarves are a style that will never go out of fashion. It’s a design that is both practical and comforting. But you rarely find a cashmere scarf designed as an infinity scarf, and for good reason. You want your cashmere to stay as versatile as possible, so this faux look is perfect. Simply drape your scarf around your neck, but make sure one end remains longer than the other. Toss the longer end around your neck two times, and then take the two ends and tuck them under the loop to create an infinity look.

Neckerchief Style

The ‘neckerchief’ is a style that is worn the world over by both men and women. You’ve likely seen it depicted in photos of the American Civil War, it’s worn by cowboys, cattle herders and sailors. It’s also an iconic style for the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides. In Australia, it’s called a ‘Necker.” If you’re still not familiar, it’s basically a rectangular shape of cloth, folded into a triangle and tied around the neck with both ends fastened with a clip or slide. This is a very unique way to wear a cashmere scarf, and is a look best accomplished with lighter fabric. 


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