Ways to Upgrade Your Outfit Using Cashmere

Ways to Upgrade Your Outfit Using Cashmere

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Outfit With Cashmere

We all think of cashmere as an uber expensive luxury wardrobe piece, and while it can be all of those things, incorporating cashmere into your personal style is also the perfect way to take a casual outfit and add a little hint of sophistication. We love cashmere for its versatility and if you’re looking for a little inspiration for the fall fashion season, we’ve got a few ideas that you may want to try out to upgrade your outfit.

Wide Ribbed Cashmere Pant

When the cool weather hits, who doesn’t want to slip into something soft, cozy and easy to wear? If your all-day look is casual, consider upping the ante with a wide ribbed cashmere pant, and pairing it with a simple white T-shirt, or long sleeved blouse. These pants will strike a balance between the most luxurious yoga pants you’ve ever worn and a chic dress pant.

Long Plush Cardigan

One of the best things about knit pieces is that they don’t need to be form fitting to give you a beautiful silhouette or make you feel beautiful. The long plush cardigan is a highly interchangeable piece that can be worn with your favourite blouse, pleated midi skirt and pearl necklace. You could also snag yourself a pair of vintage straight-leg jeans, a turtle neck and give your waist even more accentuation by using a statement belt to cinch up your look. Long cardigans may look and feel casual on their own, but there are plenty of ways to layer this piece.

Double Knit Poncho

Ponchos are the quintessential fall transitional piece for stylistas of all ages and body shapes. The heavier knit means more warmth, also making it a great option to layer with. Pair your cashmere poncho with a pair of skinny jeans, layer it with a long sleeve turtleneck, add some ankle boots and a cashmere toque and you’ll be looking like a fall goddess in no time. Like the long plush cardigan, the double knit poncho also looks beautiful when belted, especially with a darker wash of denim.

Cashmere Ribbed Sleeveless Turtleneck

No matter what you read, or what anyone says, a beautiful fitted turtleneck is timeless, no matter the season, especially when it’s sleeveless. Go for the monochromatic look and wear one tone head to toe. If you’re still heading into the office a few times a week, a sleek cashmere turtleneck looks very polished with a tailored blazer. Need to break up the look? Give your style a pop of colour with artisan accessories, or a beautiful silk hair scarf.

The Classic Cashmere Wrap

We’ve talked about how much we love the classic cashmere wrap before in our ‘must-have travel accessory’ post. When styled well, we think this wrap could be your secret weapon through fall and well into next summer. The perfect layering piece, you can wear literally anything you want under this wrap. It can be worn like a simple wrap, draped over the shoulder for a little more drama, belted to create an elegant silhouette or wrapped around the neck to create a cowl-like style. The cashmere wrap can be worn with everything from bootcut jeans, skinny jeans, a midi skirt to a mini skirt. This ‘wear-it-your-way’ piece is highly versatile and easily added to any outfit to add some sophistication.


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