Why you need Cashmere in your closet

Why Cashmere is Your Wardrobe’s Best Friend

Why Cashmere is Your Wardrobe’s Best Friend 

With every new season, new trends and silhouettes don the glossy pages of fashion magazines the world over. Whether it’s a new denim fit, new blazer cut or new colour palette, many of these trends will find their way into your wardrobes, and while you may wear them a handful of times, they likely make their way to the back of your closet never to see the light of day until the annual spring clean rolls around. Seeing your wardrobe not only as self-expression but also an investment in yourself, means you may spend a bit more on certain pieces, but you’ll wear them more often because you love them. Cashmere is unquestionably one of those items that is worth every penny and will keep your wardrobe timeless, and here’s why;

Cashmere = Versatility

Trends are just that, trends. They’re a flash in the pan moment on the fashion timeline and they don’t always blend well with the other pieces hanging in your closet. Cashmere goes with everything, can be worn across just about every season, and is appropriate for almost every professional and personal scenario. For the workplace, you can pair a belted cashmere cardigan with a cami, your favourite twill trousers and a pair of pumps. In the summer, you can throw on a light-weight cashmere sweater with a canvas shorts and sandals for an evening soiree, and in fall, you can pair cashmere with your favourite dress or dark wash denim jeans. 

Cashmere is Built to Last 

We all know that clothing is not made like it used to be. Even the higher end labels are mass producing their collections, the fabrics are not as luxurious as they used to be, and brands are far more interested in getting their new pieces into your wardrobe than you purchasing pieces for life. Well-made cashmere is made with such care and craftsmanship that you could easily be wearing it through the decades. Provided you’ve cared for it properly, stored it in a dry, cool space and kept it away from extreme heat and humidity, cashmere can last 30-40 years or longer.

Nothing Feels Like Cashmere 

Have you ever walked into a department store, picked up a cashmere sweater and hugged it. It’s okay, we’ve all done it! It’s soft, luxurious, and who doesn’t want to feel that against your skin? There are very few places on earth you can harvest cashmere, and the craftsmanship and care that goes into producing high end cashmere is meticulous. Few items in your wardrobe will become as beloved as your  cashmere. 

 It’s the Perfect Alternative to Wool

Wool is a wardrobe favourite, especially if you live in a cooler, damper climate. And wool is a fantastic, sustainable and semi-versatile fabric, but not everyone can wear it. Some find even the finest wool sweaters to be itchy, irritating and uncomfortable. And though it’s meant to feel porous, poor quality wool can feel stifling, whereas cashmere can be worn on a balmy spring day and you’ll still feel nice and cool.

 Cashmere is a Space Saver

 Cashmere folds up into nothing. It’s amazing that something so warm and cozy takes up so little space in your closet. This also means cashmere is the perfect thing to travel with, whether it’s just for a weekender somewhere posh, a business trip or an overseas holiday.

The versatility, quality and timelessness of cashmere makes it one of those must-have wardrobe purchases that will never give you buyers remorse. Yes, a beautiful cashmere sweater can be a bit of an investment, but it pays for itself in just a few wears, and it will most likely outlive anything else in your closet. With great tender love and care, your cashmere will see you through all of the beautiful seasons of your life, and hold a few stories along the way.


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